Soko: Email experience done right

I talk about email experience all the freakin time.

One of the things that drive me absolutely bonkers about ecommerce emails is how the buying experience isn’t subscriber/customer friendly.

How many times has it happened to you?

You click on an image in an email and instead of taking you to the product page, it takes you to the brand’s home page?

Or you click through to buy the products you saw in the email… only to be shown every product except the ones you saw in the email.

That’s just bad email experience.

Here’s the thing though. When brands get their email experience right, it stands out.

Mother’s Day was months ago. And yet I still think about this email from Soko <- Click here to check out the full email.

Here are allllll the things I love about this email.

1. Subject line

10 Pieces on Every Mom’s List.

I know exactly what’s in the email (mother’s day gift ideas) and how many items I’ll see (ten). It’s clear (rather than clever) and is also a relatively which means it’ll stood out in my inbox.

2. The lack of email copy

Did your jaw just drop? Hehe.

This SOKO email only has a headline, 2 short sentence of copy, and a CTA.

If you can’t see the image, here’s what it says:

Top 10 Mother’s Day picks

Must-haves for every type of mom.
Mother’s Day is almost here

[Shop Now]

I love that their email copy is less than a 100 characters (86 to be exact).

This is a busy email highlighting 10 products. They know people are going to want to scroll down to themimmediately so they got right down to business.

3. The laser focus on the products

With jewelery brands – seeing is believing. SOKO made their products the hero of the email. The images they used are stunning and they only list the name of the product (no description.)

They know getting people to click-through is the main goal. They don’t waste time trying to get their subscriber to read product description they won’t be interested in any way.

If they want more details, they can get them on the product page.

4. The delivery deadlines

Because Mother’s Day gifts are best received/given on Mother’s Day, they made it crystal clear what their delivery cutoff dates were.

SOKO offered a bunch of delivery deadlines.

They had a deadline for personalized gifts, standard shipping, expedited shipping, 2-day shipping, and overnight shipping. They highlighted which delivery option to choose based on their order date.

Every time a deadline passed, they crossed that option out in their Mother’s Day marketing emails.
Not only is it an email experience win, it’s also a brilliant marketing tactic.

5. The links

SOKO got their links right. Each image goes to its product page. And if you click on the [SHOP NOW] button at the top of the email, it takes you to a Mother’s Day Gift Guide that lists their top recommendations (including the products highlighted in the email.)

6. Bonus: The Alt text

Reading the Alt Text tells you everything you need to know about this email.

As email marketers, our job is to make our brand’s emails stand out.

The best part?

Providing an incredible email experience isn’t hard. The bar is so low that you can stand out just by linking to the right product pages!

SOKO’s Mother’s Day email is one my fav emails of all time because of it’s incredible email experience.

– Samar

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