Wow, that was fun 😀

While the slide deck is on it's way to you through MicroConf, I wanted to share my “Email Conversion Checklist” with you. 

This checklist is a must-have for creating emails that convert.

It covers everything from prep-work, strategy, and everything you need to do right to get your emails opened, read, and clicked.

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A little something for you

Printable email posters to spruce up your work space.

I turned my email beliefs into email posters. Here’s what they say:

  1. Customer first
  2. No user left behind
  3. Email is a long game (and a team sport)
  4. Onboard with long-term retention in mind
  5. Email is a communications tool before it’s a marketing tool

Print sizes: A4 – A3 – A2 – A1 – A0

Take your pick and don’t forget to send me a photo if you decide to put them up!



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