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You Scored a solid % on the Email Strategy Quiz,

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Excellent! You're a natural at strategy.

You’ve got an incredible eye for problem-solving and a brain wired for strategic thinking. Any ecommerce brand you work with is lucky to have you on their team.

As for the quiz… you got most of the stuff right.

The things you missed? That’s stuff most A-list email strategists learn through trial and error.

To be honest, I’m less interested in your score and more interested in your willingness to test your skills and improve.

I mean, there aren’t many copywriters who’d be willing to step up and test their skills against an A-list email strategist.

Your current score, combined with your problem-solving and strategic thinking skills shows that…

You’re the kind of email strategist who’s on the brink of making it big (if you haven’t already.)

The kind that…

  • Surpasses their own (and everybody else’s) expectations, achieving milestones they only once dreamt of.
  • Becomes an industry leader and trendsetter by virtue of doing the work (and not by posting basic marketing content on social media.)
  • Gets invited to speak on podcasts, summits, and conferences.

(Yes, that’s me speaking in a pool at an invite-only business conference.)

You're already on the path to making it big.

Let’s help you get there sooner.

Download the eCommerce Email Strategy Playbook and find out:

  • The right answers to all the email problems in the quiz (and what makes them right)
  • What makes the wrong answers wrong, and where could they be applied instead

That's not all...

You’ve earned yourself an exclusive invite to my most-requested workshop —

"Discovery Call Secrets: Turning Skeptical Leads into Convinced Clients" Workshop.

If you’ve ever felt like you’re going to be sick during a discovery call, you’re not alone.

Because trust me… I’ve been there, done that.

This is the workshop where I teach you my foolproof method for impressing leads during discovery calls.

You’ll walk away with an action plan for your next discovery call.

(This plan works even if you don’t have a portfolio, impressive results, or a roster of past ecommerce clients.)

Never sweat another discovery call again.

By the end of this workshop, you'll know:

  • What you absolutely must do BEFORE getting on a call with a prospect. (Hint: These two steps will give you powerful intel to use when talking to your prospect)
  • What questions to ask DURING the call so you can show up as a strategist and not just a pen-for-hire.
  • The 5-minute post-call “task” that’ll 10X your authority in your prospect’s mind and make you the strategist and copywriter they want to work with.

And before you ask,

Yes, this workshop will lead to the opening of my flagship course – The eCommerce Email Bootcamp.

However, you don’t have to join the Bootcamp to start showing up confidently on discovery calls.

This workshop is all you need to start turning skeptical leads into convinced clients.

Let me show you how.

P.S. This is just the beginning...

Every week, I send out emails about emails (how meta!)

Sometimes, I highlight great emails. Other times, I break down a bad email experience I had. Most times, I challenge the status quo of the email marketing world.

There’s a reason I’ve become known as the “Picker of email fights.” =)

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